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Android and XMPP: Currently available solutions

I'd like to pose a question as to which XMPP library would be the best choice nowadays, for Android development.

  • I've been using the patched Smack
    library from here as is
    suggested in many other questions
    here in SO. However, that's a patched version of
    the Smack API from two years ago. And
    although it generally works well I'm
    exploring any other, more recent

  • I've been looking at the official
    Smack API and after a little
    research, it seems it might work just
    fine nowadays (although I have not
    tried it yet in a real application).

  • There's also another solution I came
    across, Beem's aSMACK library.
    Beem is a fairly new XMPP client for
    android and from what I understand
    they are using their own patched
    version of aSMACK.

  • Finally, there's aSMACK but that
    too hasn't been updated for quite
    some time (as the site suggests).

Do you have any other suggestions or can you explain why I should choose one of the above over the rest?

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Smack is a open-source XMPP client library. Since version 4.1 it runs natively on Android. For more information have a look at the "Smack 4.1 Readme" and see the Smack project page at Ignite Realtime. aSmack is obsolete and deprecated in favor of Smack 4.1.

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