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CSS - Add Color to Black & White PNG Image Using a Filter


Is it possible in CSS to add color to a black & white image using a filter? I'm talking about using filters like it's possible in Photoshop, and an even better example would be the ones in Microsoft PowerPoint.

What I'm trying to do is this:
I have an image file of a black icon.
I want to add a filter to it such that everything in the image (the background is transparent) would have the color I choose by using the filter, such that I'd be able to have the icon in whatever color I want.
Like I said in the title, it's a PNG image, so as far as I know, I can't use SVG filters.

How can I do this? I'm trying to write a theme for a website using the original icons, and I'm stuck on this.

Update: I want to use the original PNG images. I'm not going to replace them with SVGs, or pre-edited PNGs.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Answer Source

You can do it with CSS filters, though I wouldn’t recommend that at all:

.colorizable {
        /* for demonstration purposes; originals not entirely black */
        /* black to white */
        /* white to off-white */
        /* off-white to yellow */
        /* do whatever you want with yellow */

.example-clip {
    display: block;
    height: 20px;
    margin: 1em;
    object-fit: none;
    object-position: 0 0;
    width: 300px;

.original {
    filter: contrast(1000%);

body {
    background: #333;
<img class="colorizable example-clip" src="" />
<img class="original example-clip" src="" />

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