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Node's module.exports comes back as an empty object

I'm trying to build some utility modules for a grunt build process. Apparently I'm confused on how the module system works, but here is what I have (leaving out function logic since it's irrelevant):

var modifiers = {
task: function(grunt){

var modify = function(grunt){

module.exports = {
modify: modify

And then from a calling file:

var modifiers = require('./modifiers');

// later in file....
grunt.log.writeln(JSON.stringify(modifiers)); //outputs: {}

So the log call outputs an empty object. Calling modifiers.modify gives an error:

Warning: modifiers.modify is not a function

Am I completely missing how module.exports works? I am using it in other files to export functions but I really need the whole private-variable semantic here.

I've also tried setting module.exports to a self-calling function that returns an object, along with other stuff -- to no avail. How do I get it to just return the modifiers object? It needs to be extensible, thus me wanting to return an object.

Any help would be huge. Thanks.

Answer Source

JSON.stringify() does not serialize function properties so since your modifiers object only has a single property that is a function, JSON.stringify() shows an empty object.

A test like:




will show what you expect if your module is working properly.

If calling modifiers.modify() creates an error, then you must have an error loading your ./modifiers module and your console should show some sort of error when loading it.

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