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How to change html (jade template) to use *.min js and css in production?

I'm using Grunt to compile jade templates to html, uglify/concat js and minimize/concat css.

During development I use the combination of connect and watch to serve my front-end and pick up changes automatically. In this I also use the 'source' js and css (and not the uglified/concatted/minified version).

Now when I generate the production html, js and css I wonder what the best solution is to change the inclusions of the *.min js and css.

To be more specific in my html I e.g. include:

for development this is fine, but when generating the production version I want:


Of course I don't want to change the Jade templates manually so I'm looking for a better approach, probably with the use of some Grunt plugin.

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You can pass data into your template that indicates what environment you are in, and then switch what you're including based on that.

// In your route:
res.render("index", { env: "development" }); // maybe use NODE_ENV in here?

// Then in your jade template:
  if env == 'development'
    link(href="a.css", rel="stylesheet", type="text/css")
    link(href="b.css", rel="stylesheet", type="text/css")
    link(href="min.css", rel="stylesheet", type="text/css")

See the Jade docs, and search for "conditionals":

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