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C# Question

searching a value in watch window

I'm debugging c# in visual studio

I added an object to the

watch window

Given some value,
is there any way to search which field holds this value?

Answer Source

I'm afraid there is no such built in search functionality in the VS2010 watch window (although the watch window has a lots of cool features).

See also this unresolved question: Searching for text in an Object watch window in visual studio

However there are some commercial extensions which offers that functionality.

E.g.: Excerpt from the OzCode VS extension feature list:


When debugging objects and collections, you are often looking for a specific property or field, or a value held within a property or field. Unfortunately, this usually involves either a lot of clicking and scrolling, or writing custom debug-specific code. Finding items even in simple structures is not easy, not to mention doing so in a complex object graph. With our “Search” feature, this is no longer the case.

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