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Python Question

Apply formula over Dataframe using row and columns values

this is a basic question. I have dataframe like:

1000 4000
2000 NaN NaN
4000 NaN NaN

now I would like to apply a formula over the whole dataframe that could structurally look like this:

cell_value = index_value + column_value

i.e. the NaN's in the Dataframe should be replaced by the formula.

What would be the most elegant way to do this?

Answer Source

you could use apply

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
df = pd.DataFrame(np.nan, index=[2000,4000], columns=[1000,4000])
df.apply(lambda x: + x.index)
      1000  4000
2000  3000  6000
4000  5000  8000

since apply() return columns as Series calling returns the column name and x.indexis self-explanatory

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