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Apache Configuration Question

xampp icons on chrome tabs when running wamp

I was using XAAMP but i was having some problems (XAAMP localhost was taking some time to update everytime i changed something on my code) so i decided to try WAMP.

I uninstalled XAAMP without any problem (i think!) and installed WAMP. I created a small app in "www" folder of WAMP and runned it on localhost and i did notice that the small icon on my browser tab was still XAAMP orange icon.

I surf the web for solutions and i found that i need to stop Apache from Windows services. I look in my service's list but i couldn't find it.

Anybody knows what i have to do ?

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Favicons are cached for quite a while, which is why you're still seeing it.

You could explicitly set a new favicon in your html to override the old XAAMP favicon, eg.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/chromeextentionsaremakingmemad.ico" />

in the <head> tag.

Also, clear your cache, or open a new incognito / private browsing tab to see it instantly after your change.

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