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RESTEasy / JAX-RS spec versions?

I know that RESTEasy 3.x uses JAX-RS 2.0. Which versions of RESTEasy correspond to JAX-RS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.1.1?

Answer Source

According to Bill's blog (Bill Burke is one of the main RESTEasy creators):

  • RESTEasy 3.x is JAXRS 2.0,
  • RESTEasy 2.x is JAXRS 1.1,
  • RESTEasy 1.x is JAXRS 1.0.

There is no JAXRS 1.1.1 specification as per JSR 311, though surprisingly you can find JAXRS 1.1.1 API with updates to JAXRS 1.1. API.

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