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PHP Question

Regex conditition

Good evening

I have a problem with my condition on my template class.
What am i doing wrong?


Answer Source

Instead of using list of allowed characters, use the list of forbidden characters with negated character classes. Example:

@if \( (?P<condition> [^)]* ) \)
(?P<content> [^@]*+ (?: @(?!endif\b) [^@]* )*+ )


In place of .* for the condition (that doesn't know where to stop), use [^)]* that grabs all until the closing parenthesis.

Same thing for the content, use [^@]* and check after each "@" if "endif" follows. (in this way "@" is allowed in the content.)

Other things: writing \n*\s* doesn't make sense because the two are optional and \s already contains \n, that's why I removed it.

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