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ng-model not updated from controller to view

in this plunk I have made a demo for my problem which I'm facing from last week. Code snippet contains bootstrap tab which includes two different pages - page1 and page2 and they are using same controller. Page1 has ng-repeat and when we click on option from there then It's hit in controller function vm.edit(selected_variable) and Page2 has a simple input box that has a ng-model="". My problem is that ng-name is not updated or replaced with the value when vm.edit function updates it. I can solve this problem using rootScope but I don't want to use rootScope. I just want to avoid rootScope and want to use vm.

My code example:


<div ng-controller="appCtrl as vm">
<li ng-repeat="list in vm.list track by $index">
<button type="button" class="btn-u btn-brd btn-u-none" ng-click="vm.edit(list, $index)" data-toggle="tab" href="#page2">
{{ }}


<div ng-controller="appCtrl as vm">
<input type="text" ng-model="">


vm.edit = function(listItem, index) { =;


The edit function updates in page1 but it doesn't reflect in page2. Couldn't solve this issue, Any Ideas?


In order to communicate between controllers, you can make use of $broadcast event to transfer data. Here is the edited Plunker.

Inside vm.edit function register broadcast and listen to the event in the same controller:

vm.edit = function(listItem, index) {
  $rootScope.$broadcast("vm name: changed",;
$scope.$on("vm name: changed", function(evt, obj){ = obj;

Also don't forget to add $rootScope dependency to your controller:

app.controller('appCtrl', function($scope, $rootScope) {...});

Note: Here $rootScope is used only to trigger event but not to store the value.