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C# Question

nonce value response delay cause send data without nonce value

In my checkout form I have to use some jQuery validation plugin to validate complex validation process, at the end of the track I send form data like this

modules: 'security , date',
onSuccess: function () {

// do Ajax call
return false;

but also I use Braintree setup like this

braintree.setup($("#btCilentToken").val(), 'dropin', {
container: 'dropin', paymentMethodNonceReceived: function (event, nonce) {

//get nonce save to javascript variable that be used in my final ajax call

now the problem is

sending form data-> tokenizing begins -> sending form data ends ->
(somewhere here the nonce value response back to server)
-> tokenizing ends

so I missed the nonce value because of delay

I tried differed object , timeout and some other approach but the problem is the function inside another object prevent me to sort them in proper order

every practice is much appreciated.

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The new BT libs solve this problem.

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