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C# Question

sort a list of strings based by comparing the datetime portion of the string

I would like to sort a list of strings. the following example of pre-sorted strings:

"2017-03-21 17:14:36.111 I like Red"

"2017-03-21 17:14:35.333 I like Yellow"

"2017-03-21 17:14:36.111 I like Green"

I would like to sort the list using the datetime substring only.

private void MergeAndSort(string[] lines1, string[] lines2)
var entries = new List<string>();
foreach (string entry in entries)

Answer Source

Assuming your date/time string length stays constant you can do this.

        string[] entries =
            "2017-03-21 17:14:36.380 I like Red",
            "2017-03-21 17:14:35.380 I like Yellow",
            "2017-03-21 17:14:36.380 I like Green"

        var data = new List<Tuple<DateTime, string>>();

        foreach (var entry in entries)
                new Tuple<DateTime, string>(DateTime.Parse(entry.Substring(0, 23)), 

        var sorted = data.OrderBy(e => e.Item1);
        entries = sorted.Select(e => $"{e.Item1} {e.Item2}").ToArray();
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