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AngularJS - Using ng-repeat to create sets of radio inputs

I'm evaluating angularjs for a future project. One of the things I will need to do is display different pages of "channel" information by selecting an appropriate "page" radio input. Furthermore, ranges of page buttons may also be selected from a group of "page set" radio inputs.

The working example below has a set of 32 channels with the visible group of channels being selected via a combination of "set" and "page" radio inputs, giving a total of 2 * 4 pages of 4 channels each.

<!doctype html>
<html ng-app>
<script type="text/javascript" src="angular.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
function Channels($scope) {
$scope.groupSize = 4;
$scope.pageSet = 0;
$scope.pageNumber = 0;
$scope.channels = [
{"id": "Ch-001"}, {"id": "Ch-002"}, {"id": "Ch-003"}, {"id": "Ch-004"},
{"id": "Ch-005"}, {"id": "Ch-006"}, {"id": "Ch-007"}, {"id": "Ch-008"},
{"id": "Ch-009"}, {"id": "Ch-010"}, {"id": "Ch-011"}, {"id": "Ch-012"},
{"id": "Ch-013"}, {"id": "Ch-014"}, {"id": "Ch-015"}, {"id": "Ch-016"},
{"id": "Ch-017"}, {"id": "Ch-018"}, {"id": "Ch-019"}, {"id": "Ch-020"},
{"id": "Ch-021"}, {"id": "Ch-022"}, {"id": "Ch-023"}, {"id": "Ch-024"},
{"id": "Ch-025"}, {"id": "Ch-026"}, {"id": "Ch-027"}, {"id": "Ch-028"},
{"id": "Ch-029"}, {"id": "Ch-030"}, {"id": "Ch-031"}, {"id": "Ch-032"}

<body ng-controller="Channels">
<input type="radio" name="pageSet" ng-model="pageSet" ng-value="0">1-4</input>
<input type="radio" name="pageSet" ng-model="pageSet" ng-value="1">5-8</input>
<input type="radio" name="pageNumber" ng-model="pageNumber" ng-value="0">{{pageSet * groupSize + 1}}</input>
<input type="radio" name="pageNumber" ng-model="pageNumber" ng-value="1">{{pageSet * groupSize + 2}}</input>
<input type="radio" name="pageNumber" ng-model="pageNumber" ng-value="2">{{pageSet * groupSize + 3}}</input>
<input type="radio" name="pageNumber" ng-model="pageNumber" ng-value="3">{{pageSet * groupSize + 4}}</input>
<li ng-repeat="channel in channels | limitTo: groupSize * ((groupSize * pageSet) + pageNumber + 1) | limitTo: -groupSize">

My question is how to create the page/page set radio inputs using
. I've tried approaches such as:

<p>Set: <input ng-repeat="n in [0,1]" type="radio" name="pageSet" ng-model="pageSet" ng-value="{{n}}"></p>
<p>Page: <input ng-repeat="n in [0,1,2,3]" type="radio" name="pageNumber" ng-model="pageNumber" ng-value="{{n}}"></p>

which looks right, but the values don't bind to the corresponding pageSet/pageNumber variables. Can anyone tell what I'm missing here?

Answer Source

ng-repeat create a child scope, so you have to bind to the $parent:

Here's a fiddle:


         <label ng-repeat="n in [0,1]">
       <input type="radio" name="pageSet" ng-model="$parent.pageSet" ng-value="n" />{{n}}
         <label ng-repeat="n in [0,1,2,3]">
         <input type="radio" name="pageNumber" ng-model="$parent.pageNumber" ng-value="n" /> {{n}}
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