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When is the Scan Credit Card option available on iOS8 Safari?

So Safari offers Scan Credit Card feature on iOS8 with some credit card forms.

My question is, how does Safari determine when to offer this option?

So far I found that this option is available on Amazon and PayPal, but none of my credit card input forms were able to reproduce this behaviour.

Scan credit card option activation on a form

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After a bit of research with an iOS8 browser and Chrome emulation I figured it out partially. I know of some solutions, but I don't know for sure if there are other ways to do it. You'll have to thank Apple for the amazing lack of documentation around this.

Currently Netflix/Amazon have credit card scanning working properly. So I emulated an iOS8 user agent in my Chrome browser and inspected the markup of their credit card number field. Here's Netflix's:

<input name="cardNumber" smopname="num" id="cardNumber-CC" class="cardNumber" type="text" value="************0891" pattern="[0-9]*">

And here's Amazon's:

<input name="addCreditCardNumber" size="20" maxlength="20">

At that point I played around with a form served over HTTPS that I had control over and started setting attributes to see what would happen. Below, "works" means "successfully triggered card scan" and "doesn't work" means "did not trigger card scan":

  • name="addCreditCardNumber" => works
  • name="cardNumber" => works
  • name="cardnumber" => works
  • class="cardNumber" => does not work
  • type="cardNumber" => does not work
  • id="cardNumber", id="creditCardNumber", id="creditCardMonth", id="creditCardYear" => works

Since the name attribute drives form data and might impact the way server-side form processing works I highly recommend triggering credit card scan by setting your input id to cardNumber.

I would link to the relevant documentation...but hey! There's none (at least, not that I know of)

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