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Detect when fragment becomes visible

Why not a duplicate: Suggested post only works for a viewpager, or when onResume is called.

I have a listfragment and a detailfragment. The detail fragment is opened when a list item is clicked. I accomplish this by hiding the listfragment and I showing the detailfragment. When the user goes back, he returns to the listfragment.

How can I detect when the user gets back to my fragment, or when my fragment is visible?

Please note that I would like to keep using .hide() and show() and that I am looking for a listener or a onVisible to check when the fragment becomes visible, and not a method to check if it is visible.

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As pointed out in the comments, setUserVisbileHint() does not get called automatically, but by the FragmentPageAdapter when used in a ViewPager.

For the scenario described in the question, onHiddenChanged(boolean hidden) is suitable.
As stated in the documentation, the method gets called every time the Fragments hidden state changes, but not on the initial setup of the Fragment.

You could use setUserVisibleHint()

if isVisibleToUseris set to truethe fragment should be displayed.

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