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Bind empty string to Guid.Empty or avoid model state error

When I post a form with an empty string "" for a

field I get the error "The MyGuid field is required." although I haven't set the "Required" attribute.

//NOT Required
public Guid MyGuid { get; set; }

after model binding the Guid is
(because it's the default value) and that's correct. But the ModelState has the mentioned error.

How can I avoid this error?

Additional Info:

[Required(AllowEmptyStrings = true)]
does not help

I don't want to make the Guid nullable (
) because this would lead to a lot additional code (checking if it has a value, mapping and so on)


OK, I figured out that a change to
in my view models doesn't result in that many changes than I expected (some calls to
or some checks for
and calls to

However, the reason that a model error is added if no valid Guid is provided with the post request, is that the
tries to bind
. The solution would be to override the
. And no errors will be added to the model state

public class MyModelBinder : DefaultModelBinder
protected override void SetProperty(ControllerContext controllerContext, ModelBindingContext bindingContext, PropertyDescriptor propertyDescriptor, object value)
if (propertyDescriptor.PropertyType == typeof(Guid) && value == null)
value = Guid.Empty;
base.SetProperty(controllerContext, bindingContext, propertyDescriptor, value);


Answer Source

If the type of the field is Guid (which is a value type), then it must contain a value (even if it’s all zeros). The correct solution to have a non-required GUID is to use Guid? (Nullable Guid).

Your reasons for not wanting to use Nullable don’t make sense; no matter which way you are going to encode “emptiness”, your code will have to check for it. I’d argue that Nullable actually makes this easier, generally.

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