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R histogram range error: some 'x' not counted; maybe 'breaks' do not span range of 'x

I have a dataset that I'd like to plot with

in R. There are a number of rows in the dataset whose values are beyond a value that I care about. Specifically, my R script is:

data = read.table("input.txt", sep=" ", strip.white=TRUE, header=TRUE)

An example dataset for

name actions
foo 3
bar 129
baz 131

If I run the R script, I get an error:

Error in hist.default(data$actions, breaks = seq(0, 130, by = 1), :

some 'x' not counted; maybe 'breaks' do not span range of 'x'

Calls: hist -> hist.default

Execution halted

I know why this error occurs: there is one occurrence of a value greater than 130, namely
with a value of 131.

What I'd like is to create a histogram just for the frequencies in the specified range of 0 to 130, and for all frequencies out of that range to be silently ignored. How can I do this?

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The best way to avoid this error is to subset the data that you feed to the base R function hist.

For example,

with(data, hist(actions[actions >= 0 & actions < 131], breaks=seq(0,130,by=1))

Maybe a little more flexible approach is to pre-specify the desired set of values, to make it easier to adjust if you change your mind at some point.

myValues <- seq_len(131)-1
with(data, hist(actions[actions %in% myValues], breaks=myValues)
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