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Python Question

Python import error, cannot find module

My project structure is like this:

dir A/

, I've written
from modules.a import xxx
. In
, I want to import module
and in
, I want to import

Here's the problem, I wrote
from components.b import xxx
, I got import error when I ran
. I got the same error if I write
from c import xxx
. But if I ran
directly, it went well. I've tried many times and found that I have to write all import sentences considering
dir A
as the root directory. For example, if I write
from modules.components.b import xxx
from modules.components.c import xxx
, the program goes well.

Someone says that change environment path can solve this problem. But don't I have to set the path again and again once I change the position of the whole project?

Is there any decent solution? I'm very glad to hear someone's help.

Answer Source

Relative imports.

from .components.b import xxx
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