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Python Question

Individual timeouts for concurrent.futures

I see two ways to specify timeouts in


  • as_completed()

  • wait()

Both methods handle N running futures.

I would like to specify an individual timeout for each future.

Use Case:

  • Future for getting data from DB has a timeout of 0.5 secs.

  • Future for getting data from a HTTP server has a timeout of 1.2 secs.

How do I handle this with
? Or is this library not the right tool?


Answer Source

How about implementing your own:

wait(dbfutures + httpfutures, timeout=0.5)
[fut.cancel() for fut in bdfutures if not fut.done()]
wait(httpfutures, timeout=0.7)
[fut.cancel() for fut in httpfutures if not fut.done()]

(or a while loop with sleep/check or wait with short timeout)

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