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Child route keeps triggering parent when ui-sref-active-eq is used (angular-ui-router)

I have a route in

that has child routes; I want links to those child routes to only be visible while on the parent route. They are present on a menu that is visible for the whole application, but each link depends on a url parameter in the parent to work, so it's imperative that they not be clickable when that parameter doesn't exist.

So, the setup is like this;

.state('route1', {
url: '/route1/:id',
views: { 'main@': { template: '<route1-component></route1-component>' } }
.state('route1.child1', {
url: '/child1',
views: { 'main@': { template: '<route1-child1-component></route1-child1-component>' } }

I've gotten the functionality of hiding them to work using the
in combination with
, using this layout...

<div ui-sref="route1" ui-sref-active-eq="visible" hidden>
<a ui-sref="route1.child1" ui-sref-opts="{ location: true, inherit: true, relative: true }">CHILD 1</a>

This works fine at first; The link is only visible when we're on the
route. The url it shows is
, including the
parameter of the current url.

But when I click on the link, the URL flashes as
for a brief instant, but then
renders again.

If I remove the
portion, it correctly routes to the child route. But then I've got the problem of it not being hidden otherwise.

Is there anything that can be done?

Please note, I am using exclusively angular 1.5+ components. I'm not using normal controllers or directives at all. It's all 100% components.

It's not quite perfect, but this is an example of how things are laid out, and I tried to make it clear how they're expected to function. I can't seem to get the
within the directive to observe changes.

Answer Source

following adds a controller to your sidenav component and uses $stateChangeSuccess event and $state.includes() to update a boolean passed to ng-show

  .component('sidenav', {
    controller: function ($rootScope,$state) {
      var vm = this;
      $rootScope.$on('$stateChangeSuccess', function(evt, to, from){
    template: `
        <div  ng-show="$ctrl.isRoute1">
          <a ui-sref="route1.child1" ui-sref-opts="{ location: true, inherit: true, relative: true }">
            ROUTE 1 CHILD 1 LINK


I think this is the behavior you want ... not 100% sure though


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