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In Struts 1, What is the Default Value of Type Attribute of <action> tag?

In Struts 1, if the type attribute of the tag has no value, what does it mean? Is there a default value for the type attribute that is used when it is not explicitly specified. I'm basically trying to figure out what the following action does; as you can see it has no type attribute; it only has path and forward attributes:

<action path="/a/b/comp" forward="/components/d/my-comp.jsp">

Answer Source

The action that you have included above simply redirects from /a/b/ to /components/d/my-comp.jsp. It is a shorthand for the following:

<action path="/a/b/comp" 

So, for the action that you have included the type attribute is org.apache.struts.actions.ForwardAction.

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