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In IOS device iframe video is not scrolling and compare a android it's working charmig

i am working on web app development. now in my app there is a one small problem! is that my app front page have various image and video the video is an ifram. now in android mobile device my front page is scrolling smooth but in ios device image are scrolling smooth but "video is not scrolling.."

Sorry,guys i know it's a small problem but in fact i am try to solve this problem last one day..

'Help me!!'

'Thanks in advance..'

'Here is my iframe video code..'

<% elsif == true and op_ed.video_link.present? %>
## Video URL Split
link = op_ed.video_link
if op_ed.video_link.include? '?v='
ml = op_ed.video_link.to_s
result = ml.split("?v=")
res = result[1].split('&')
link = ""+res[0]
elsif op_ed.video_link.include? '/v/'
ml = op_ed.video_link.to_s
result = ml.split("/v/")
# res = result[0]+'/embed/'+result[1]
link = ""+result[1]
end %>
<iframe src="<%=link%>" height="<%=img_height[index]%>" width="<%=img_width[index]%>" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"></iframe>
<% else %>
<%= link_to image_tag(op_ed.marquee_large.url, :width => img_width[index], :height => img_height[index], :id=>"large_#{op_ed.class}_#{}", :class=>"", :style => "display:block;", :alt => !m.marquee_large_alt.blank? ? m.marquee_large_alt : @alt, :title => m.marquee_large_title), op_ed %>
<% end %>

Sorry This is first post on stackoverflow

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hey u can check this link

i hope it is helpfull :)

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