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iOS Question

extjs apps on iphone

This is an extjs single-page application which works fine in FF, IE, and Safari.

There are several problems with viewing or using this extjs app in the iphone. The extjs panels/windows do not resize, as it would in a normal screen. When the user zooms out, the expanding viewing area is blanked out. An example image is below:

  • Iphone does not recognize the combo box of the extjs.

  • Unable to scroll down.

alt text

Viewport Issue:
The main issue is with the viewport. It does not scroll or zoom properly in Iphone.

Answer Source

Rather than using viewport, I used a column layout panel container. Most of the extjs stuff works fine. I placed this container layout into a div and specified its height and width. Also, <meta name="viewport" content="height=700" />.

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