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kendo ui select a specifix index/text during first load

The problem i am running into is that during the first load of the page i want to read the value from cookies if found, i want to change the theme that was stored in the cookie.
not only want to change the them but i also want to select that item in the combo box so that it is in sync with the them that was applied.

How can i select a specific item during initial page load, when i am constructing the combobox ?

$(document).ready(function () {

var initialized = false;
// theme chooser drop-down
var cmb=$(".themeChooser").kendoDropDownList({
dataSource: [
{ text: "Default" },
{ text: "BlueOpal" },
{ text: "Bootstrap" },
{ text: "Silver" },
{ text: "Uniform" },
{ text: "Metro" },
{ text: "Black" },
{ text: "MetroBlack" },
{ text: "HighContrast" },
{ text: "Moonlight" }
dataTextField: "text",
dataValueField: "value",
change: function (e) {

$.cookie('selectedTheme', theme);


theme = ($.cookie('selectedTheme') || "default").toLowerCase();
//Not sure how to trigger the select of combobox
cmb.value(theme); // no effect

Answer Source

Get a reference to the dropdown list

var dropdownlist = $("#Instrument").data("kendoDropDownList");

If you know the index you can use:

// selects by index;

If not, use:

// selects item if its text is equal to "test" using predicate function {
    return dataItem.symbol === "test";

check this

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