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Android create and populate list layout programmatically

I can't use listview because this layout will already requires scrolling. So this leaves me at a problem: how to create my tables.

What I know:

  • The size of the JSON array

I was going to try to make every cell in XML and do a for loop in the code, but my predicament is that I can't
very well, because the
names are difficult to account for, and are integers instead of strings. (probably a problem not as large as I am making it).

So here, I know the server call will return a json array with up to 5 objects in it. How can I populate my view?

I am using a LinearLayout for each row, much like I would be preparing a custom list view in preparation.

Insight appreciated.

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Is there a specific reason you need it to be a ListView? If not you could try a LinearLayout with a vertical orientation as the container for your list. Just put the container in your xml and you can programatically add the rows that you generate using addView().