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Where can I find the official documentation for Python version 2.6.2c1?

I am attempting to learn Python from scratch. I had a look at the official Python Wiki and from there, came across the PythonTurtle tool. It does seem to be very much obsolete by now. However, for learning purposes, I wish to use exactly the version of Python that comes with this tool, which happens to be 2.6.2c1. Now, I also had a look at the different versions of Python for which official documentation seems to be available online.

My question is, on that page, versions 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 are given but not 2.6.2c1 . Going by the build date of this version as displayed inside the PythonTurtle tool, it appears that this is a pre-release build of 2.6.2. Where can I find the official documentation for the same?

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You won't find separate docs for Python 2.6.2c1, because it was a release candidate for 2.6.2 --- what the Python core developers were testing during the pre-release period of 2.6.2. Aside from any bugs found and fixed during that period, it was 2.6.2.

Note, however, that "bugs found and fixed" could include documentation bugs... which would exactly undermine whatever you're trying to do. Essentially, you're saying, "I want Python version 2.6.2, only with more bugs and less-correct docs".

2.6.2 was a bug-fix-only release anyway, so just use the online Python 2.6 docs. They include all documentation updates through the end of the 2.6 releases (2.6.9) --- again, including fixes for any documentation bugs that were discovered.

If you're looking for the 2.6.2 source, which includes includes documentation, it's at the Python FTP site:


And again, note that there is a Windows compressed help file available in that directory --- one file, covering both 2.6.2 and (to some, possibly inaccurate extent) 2.6.2c1. Even c1's README file starts out:

This is Python version 2.6.2

Not 2.6.2c1... just 2.6.2.

Don't use the release candidate! Use the actual release, which came out 7 days later. (I would give the same advice to the "PythonTurtle" author, if I could go back in time.)

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