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Nice looking five sets Venn diagrams

In a paper I recently came across a nice 5 sets Venn diagram:

enter image description here

I was wondering what software might have been used to draw this? Can this be done in R perhaps?

Most of the packages I looked at seem to produce the less clear version

enter image description here

Any thoughts?

EDIT: seems the Nature article used this web tool:
might still be nice to port it to some R package, especially the asymmetric Venns, which are currently not available in any package that I know of

EDIT2: Just discovered one can go up to 8 and even 11 sets: - Tufte will be pleased!

Answer Source

For the record Adrian Dusa made a really nice new R package venn that makes Venn diagrams as above, for up to 7 sets :

venn(5, ilab=TRUE, zcolor = "style")

enter image description here

venn(7, ilab=TRUE, zcolor = "style")

enter image description here

Thanks Adrian for the cool package!

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