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MySQL Question

How to use mysql now() function in querydsl?

Lets say I have a mySQL table artifact as follows:

artifact_id varchar(50)

locked_status char(1)

valid_till datetime

Select artifact_id from artifact where locked_status='Y'

For the above query, I have the querydsl representation as:

SQLTemplates templates = new MySQLTemplates();
Configuration configuration = new Configuration(templates);
QArtifact artifact = new QArtifact("a");
SQLQuery<?> query = new SQLQuery<Void>(con, templates);
List<String> artifactIds =

How can I represent the below query in querydsl?

Select artifact_id from artifact where locked_status='Y' and valid_till > now()

Answer Source

The simplest way is to add

.and(artifact.valid_till.after(new Date()))

But if you are picky about the NOW function to be called on the server you might go with this:


You can browse the code to see how the DateTimeExpression returned by this helper is generated.

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