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Javascript Question

Difference between this.form and document.forms

Is there a difference between

document.forms (document["forms"])
or, are they similar?

Here is the code I wrote to test the difference.

<form name="myForm" id="myForm">
<input type="text" name="haha" id="myForm" value="laughable" onclick="alert(this.form.haha.value)" />


They both result in the same thing.

Answer Source

this.form will give you the form of the form element. (this is the form element)

The containing form element, if this element is in a form.

document.forms will give you all the forms in the document (if it's supported!)

forms returns a collection (an HTMLCollection ) of the form elements within the current document.

Better use document.getElementById(id)

var form = document.getElementById(formId);
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