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Ensure template parameter is an enum class

Is there a way to ensure a template parameter is an enum-class type?

I know

, but I don't want it to match regular enums, just enum_classes.

Example of the wanted effect:

enum class EnumClass {};
enum Enum {};
class Class {};

template <typename T>
void Example()
static_assert(/* T is EnumClass */, "`T` must be an enum class");

Example<EnumClass>(); // Ok
Example<Enum>(); // Error
Example<Class>(); // Error

I am using C++11, and unfortunately cannot go any higher (though I'd be curious to know the solution anyway, even if it involves newer standards).

Is it possible?


You can achieve it with:

template<typename T>
using is_class_enum = std::integral_constant<
   std::is_enum<T>::value && !std::is_convertible<T, int>::value>;

Here a demo.

If you prefer using SFINAE, the same can be achieved with:

template<typename T, typename _ = void>
struct is_class_enum : std::false_type {

template<typename T>
struct is_class_enum <
  typename std::enable_if<std::is_enum<T>::value &&
                          !std::is_convertible<T, int>::value>::type> :
    public std::true_type {