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JSON Question

JSON fields have the same name

JSON keys have to be unique within an onject (e.g. Does JSON syntax allow duplicate keys in an object?). However, suppose I have a file with the following contents:

"a" : "1",
"b" : "2",
"a" : "3"

Is there a simple way of converting the repeated keys to an array? So that the file becomes:

"a" : [ {"key": "1"}, {"key": "3"}],
"b" : "2"

Or something similar, but which combines the repeated keys into an array (or finds and alternative way to extract the repeated key values).

Here's a solution in Java: Convert JSON object with duplicate keys to JSON array

Is there any way to do it with awk/bash/python?


If your input is really a flat JSON object with primitives as values, this should work:

jq -s --stream 'group_by(.[0]) | map({"key": .[0][0][0], "value": map(.[1])}) | from_entries'

  "a": [
  "b": [

For more complex outputs, that would require actually understanding how --stream is supposed to be used, which is beyond me.