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HTML Question

Icon to remain in 64 by 64 and don't resize

I added an image to the page

<img src="@licImage.ThumbnailImageUrl" class="thumbnail" />

and it shows as 64 by 64 and stays that size even if I resize my page which is what I aactually want.

But then I added an icon the same way but it shows as too big.
If I add this CSS, it will fix the being larger issue BUT it makes it more responsive so the images start becoming too small on smaller screen sizes

.pdfIcon {
/*margin: 0 auto 10px auto;*/
max-width: 64px;
width: 100%;

But I don't want it to resize itself. I just want it to not be that big

Answer Source

In your style use width to be fix as or if you want the image to be big to small as image reszie use width:100% and max-width:64px

.pdfIcon {
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