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Laravel, how to ignore an accessor

I have a model with a custom accessor so I get that custom attribute,

class Order extends GSModel{

$appends = ['orderContents'];

public function getOrderContentsAttribute()
return $this->contents()->get();

But now, in one case, I need to get only some fields, without this

$openOrders = Order::open()->has('contents')->get(['id','date','tableName']);

But doing it this way, it returns me the
as well..
is there a way to not get that field?


Answer Source

Okay I'm not saying this is a good solution, but it works and you get around using a loop...

Add this to your model:

public static $withoutAppends = false;

protected function getArrayableAppends()
        return [];
    return parent::getArrayableAppends();

Then when you want to disable the $appends properties:

Order::$withoutAppends = true;
$openOrders = Order::open()->has('contents')->get(['id','date','tableName']);
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