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Python Question

Access nested dictionary items via a list of keys?

I have a complex dictionary structure which I would like to access via a list of keys to address the correct item.

dataDict = {
"r": 1,
"s": 2,
"t": 3
"u": 1,
"v": {
"x": 1,
"y": 2,
"z": 3
"w": 3

maplist = ["a", "r"]


maplist = ["b", "v", "y"]

I have made the following code which works but I'm sure there is a better and more efficient way to do this if anyone has an idea.

# Get a given data from a dictionary with position provided as a list
def getFromDict(dataDict, mapList):
for k in mapList: dataDict = dataDict[k]
return dataDict

# Set a given data in a dictionary with position provided as a list
def setInDict(dataDict, mapList, value):
for k in mapList[:-1]: dataDict = dataDict[k]
dataDict[mapList[-1]] = value

Answer Source

Use reduce() to traverse the dictionary:

def getFromDict(dataDict, mapList):
    return reduce(lambda d, k: d[k], mapList, dataDict)

and reuse getFromDict to find the location to store the value for setInDict():

def setInDict(dataDict, mapList, value):
    getFromDict(dataDict, mapList[:-1])[mapList[-1]] = value

All but the last element in mapList is needed to find the 'parent' dictionary to add the value to, then use the last element to set the value to the right key.


>>> getFromDict(dataDict, ["a", "r"])
>>> getFromDict(dataDict, ["b", "v", "y"])
>>> setInDict(dataDict, ["b", "v", "w"], 4)
>>> import pprint
>>> pprint.pprint(dataDict)
{'a': {'r': 1, 's': 2, 't': 3},
 'b': {'u': 1, 'v': {'w': 4, 'x': 1, 'y': 2, 'z': 3}, 'w': 3}}
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