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Android Question

How to use pocketsphinx in Android Studio

I want to use pocketsphinx but I'm confuse .

I created a model.

2.inside my model I created

and copy all belows files and folders :

enter image description here

- I don't know where can I download
pocketsphinx-android-5prealpha-nolib.jar file

  • Should I use
    as a library ?

  • in
    I got these errors :

enter image description here

Answer Source

I think you should read over the Pocketsphinx on Android page.

Using pocketsphinx-android

Referencing the library in Android project

Library is distributed as architecture-independent pocketsphinx-android-5prealpha-nolib.jar and binary .so files for different hardware architectures.

In Android Studio you need to place jar file in app/libs folder and jni .so files into app/src/main/jniLibs folder.

In other words, you seem to have missed the JAR file

Otherwise, the other recommendation on that site is to simply clone the demo project, then build your app on top of it rather than copying code around into a new project.

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