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how to get a view from an event coordinates in android?

I want to intercept the touch events on my parent view with

onInterceptTouchEvent (MotionEvent ev)

From there I want to know which view was clicked in order to do other things, is there any way to know which view was clicked from that motion event received?

Answer Source

Well for anyone who wants to know what I did ... i couldn't. I did a workaround to just know if my specific view component was clicked, so I could only end with this:

   if(isPointInsideView(ev.getRawX(), ev.getRawY(), myViewComponent)){

and the method:

 * Determines if given points are inside view
 * @param x - x coordinate of point
 * @param y - y coordinate of point
 * @param view - view object to compare
 * @return true if the points are within view bounds, false otherwise
public static boolean isPointInsideView(float x, float y, View view){
    int location[] = new int[2];
    int viewX = location[0];
    int viewY = location[1];

    //point is inside view bounds
    if(( x > viewX && x < (viewX + view.getWidth())) &&
            ( y > viewY && y < (viewY + view.getHeight()))){
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;

However this only works for known views in the layout that you can pass as parameter, I still can't get the clicked view just by knowing the coordinates. You may search for all views in the layout though.

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