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Swift Class Custom Type Property

I am having trouble with Swift class properties and I have no idea what to search.

I want to create something like this:

defenceSystem.status =
defenceSystem.status = status.offline
defenceSystem.status = status.destroyed

So basically I want the
property (or class; not sure what it should be) to have 3 values:

But I want those 3 properties to have a custom type, not String, Int or anything else. Basically I don't want them to store anything. Just to act like flags.

I thought that I should write something like this:

class defenceSystem {
class status {
// Declare the 3 status types
var status = status()
defenceSystem.status =

I tried just writing
var online
but Xcode says it requires a type.

Answer Source

You can make use of an enum to hold the three different states. E.g.

class DefenceSystem {
    enum Status {
        case Online
        case Offline
        case Destroyed

    var status: Status

    init(status: Status) {
        self.status = status

let defenceSystem = DefenceSystem(status: .Online)

print(defenceSystem.status) // Online
defenceSystem.status = .Offline
print(defenceSystem.status) // Offline