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Best language to extract pdf text and tabulate it under row headers

What I basically want to have is PDF data under row headers or to simplify what I am saying , I want to create a database from PDF file.Each PDF consists of 25-40 pages depending upon number of voters .

A page of pdf file I am talking about

I want to extract the data from the boxes (or whatever you say them) into Access/Excel/SQL so that from each box

Name appear under name column

Relation appear under relation column and so on with other data

But I have no idea which programming language should I learn in order to do this .I tried searching about PDFminer but I am not sure whether it would be able to do this task or not .

If you have any suggestions , Please let me know

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A lot more mucking about than I thought, but it works:

import csv    # spreadsheet output
import re     # pattern matching
import sys    # command-line arguments
import zlib   # decompression

# find deflated sections
PARENT = b"FlateDecode"
START = b"stream\r\n"
END   = b"\r\nendstream"

# find output text in PostScript Tj and TJ fields
PS_TEXT = re.compile(r"(?<!\\)\((.*?)(?<!\\)\)")

# return desired per-person records
RECORD = re.compile(r"Name : (.*?)Relation : (.*?)Address : (.*?)Age : (\d+)\s+Sex : (\w?)\s+(\d+)", re.DOTALL)

def get_streams(byte_data):
    streams = []
    start_at = 0
    while True:
        # find block containing compressed data
        p = byte_data.find(PARENT, start_at)
        if p == -1:
            # no more streams
        # find start of data
        s = byte_data.find(START, p + PARENTLEN)
        if s == -1:
            raise ValueError("Found parent at {} bytes with no start".format(p))
        # find end of data
        e = byte_data.find(END, s + STARTLEN)
        if e == -1:
            raise ValueError("Found start at {} bytes but no end".format(s))
        # unpack compressed data
        block = byte_data[s + STARTLEN:e]
        unc = zlib.decompress(block)
        start_at = e + ENDLEN
    return streams

def depostscript(text):
    out = []
    for line in text.splitlines():
        if line.endswith(" Tj"):
            # new output line
            s = "".join(PS_TEXT.findall(line))
        elif line.endswith(" TJ"):
            # continued output line
            s = "".join(PS_TEXT.findall(line))
            out[-1] += s
    return "\n".join(out)

def main(in_pdf, out_csv):
    # load .pdf file into memory
    with open(in_pdf, "rb") as f:
        pdf =

    # get content of all compressed streams
    # NB: sample file results in 32 streams
    streams = get_streams(pdf)      

    # we only want the streams which contain text data
    # NB: sample file results in 22 text streams
    text_streams = []
    for stream in streams:
            text = stream.decode()
        except UnicodeDecodeError:

    # of the remaining blocks, we only want those containing the text '(Relation : '
    # NB: sample file results in 4 streams
    text_streams = [t for t in text_streams if '(Relation : ' in t]

    # consolidate target text
    # NB: sample file results in 886 lines of text
    text = "\n".join(depostscript(ts) for ts in text_streams)

    # pull desired data from text
    records = []
    for name,relation,address,age,sex,num in RECORD.findall(text):
        name = name.strip()
        relation = relation.strip()
        t = address.strip().splitlines()
        code = t[-1]
        address = " ".join(t[:-1])
        age = int(age)
        sex = sex.strip()
        num = int(num)
        records.append((num, code, name, relation, address, age, sex))

    # save results as csv
    with open(out_csv, "w", newline='') as outf:
        wr = csv.writer(outf)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if len(sys.argv) < 3:
        print("Usage: python {} input.pdf output.csv".format(__name__))
        main(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])

When run at the command line like

python voters.pdf voters.csv

it produces a .csv spreadsheet like

enter image description here

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