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Can't get JSON from a GET request

New to Play! Framework and web development in general, I'm trying to do a simple REST GET to a web service and just get some straight-forward JSON in response. Typing the URL into a browser, I get a perfect response, with nicely formatted JSON. Calling it via code, it just blows up:

WS.WSRequest wsRequest = WS.url( serviceURL );
wsRequest.timeout( timeoutTime );
wsRequest.setHeader("Accept", "application/json");
wsRequest.headers.put( "Content-type","application/json" );
wsRequest.mimeType = "application/json";

WS.HttpResponse response = wsRequest.get();
String graphServiceResponse = response.getJson().toString();

Everything executes fine, until the last line where it throws an exception and errors out. I know I have what looks like a lot of redundant code; those are my attempts to fix it. Like I said, typing the "serviceURL" into a browser, it works fine.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

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Okay, solved this. Just omitted all the sets and such, added authentication and it worked perfectly. Weird.

   String stringResponse = "";
   try {
      // execute GET to graph service
      WS.WSRequest wsRequest = WS.url( serviceURL ).authenticate( USERNAME, PASSWORD );
      WS.HttpResponse response = wsRequest.get();
      stringResponse = response.getString();

      ... more cool stuff ...

Thanks for looking!

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