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Bash Question

Using sed for extracting substring from string

I just started using sed from doing regex. I wanted to extract

so I was following

sed -n "/^/*/(\S*\).>$/p"

If I do so I get following error

sed: 1: "/^//(\S).>$/p": invalid command code *

I am not sure what am I missing here.

Answer Source


$ echo '*****/XXXXXX>' | sed 's|.*/||; s|>.*||'

The substitute command s|.*/|| removes everything up to the last / in the string. The substitute command s|>.*|| removes everything from the first > in the string that remains to the end of the line.


$ echo '*****/XXXXXX>' | sed -E 's|.*/(.*)>|\1|'

The substitute command s|.*/(.*)>|\1| captures whatever is between the last / and the last > and saves it in group 1. That is then replaced with group 1, \1.

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