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SQL Question

Proper way to (get from /insert into) table using Erlang Mysql Driver

I am trying to get

working, I managed to set it up and make queries but there are two things I cannot do.(https://code.google.com/archive/p/erlang-mysql-driver/issues)

(BTW, I am new to Erlang)

So Here is my code to connect

out(Arg) ->
mysql:start_link(p1, "", "root", "azzkikr", "MyDB"),
{data, Result} = mysql:fetch(p1, "SELECT * FROM messages").

1. I cannot get data from table.

doesn't contain any specific information on how to get table datas but this is the farthest I could go.

{A,B} = mysql:get_result_rows(Result),

And the result was this:

ERROR erlang code threw an uncaught exception:
File: /Users/{username}/Sites/Yaws/index.yaws:1
Class: error
Exception: {badmatch,[[4,0,<<"This is done baby!">>,19238],
Req: {http_request,'GET',{abs_path,"/"},{1,1}}
Stack: [{m181,out,1,

I understand that somehow I need to get second element and use foreach to get each data but strings are returned in different format like queried string is
but returned string is

{badmatch,[[4,0,<<"This is done baby!">>,19238],

First Question is: How do I get datas from table?

2. How to insert values into table using variables?

I can insert data into table using this method:

Msg = "Hello World",
mysql:prepare(add_message,<<"INSERT INTO messages (`message`) VALUES (?)">>),
mysql:execute(p1, add_message, [Msg]).

But there are two things I am having trouble,
1. I am inserting data without
operators, because When I do
Msg = << ++ "Hello World" >>,
erlang throws out an exception (I think I am doing something wrong), i don't know wether they are required but without them I am able to insert data into table except this error bothers me after execution:

yaws code at /Users/{username}/Yaws/index.yaws:1 crashed or ret bad val:{updated,
Req: {http_request,'GET',{abs_path,"/"},{1,1}}

returned atom is
while I commanded to insert data.

Question 2 is: How do I insert data into table in a proper way?

Answer Source


{badmatch,[[4,0,<<"This is done baby!">>,19238],

Tells you that returned values is:

[[4,0,<<"This is done baby!">>,19238],

Which obviously can't match with either {data, Data} nor {A, B}. You can obtain your data as:

out(Arg) -> 
            mysql:start_link(p1, "", "root", "azzkikr", "MyDB"),
            {ehtml, [{table, [{border, "1"}],
               [ {tr, [], [ {td, [], case Val of
                           _ when is_binary(Val) -> yaws_api:htmlize(Val);
                           _ when is_integer(val) -> integer_to_binary(Val)
                   || Val <- Row]
               || Row <- mysql:fetch(p1, "SELECT * FROM messages")]