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DataGridView Selected Row Move UP and DOWN

How can I allow selected rows in a DataGridView (DGV) to be moved up or down. I have done this before with a ListView. Unfortunetly, for me, replacing the DGV is not an option (curses). By the way, the DGV datasource is a Generic Collection.

The DGV has two buttons on the side, yes, UP & Down. Can anyone help point me in the right direction. I do have the code that I used for the ListView if it'll help (it did not help me).

Answer Source

If you programatically change the ordering of the items in your collection, the DGV should reflect that automatically.

Sloppy, half-working example:

List<MyObj> foo = DGV.DataSource;
int idx = DGV.SelectedRows[0].Index;
int value = foo[idx];
foo.InsertAt(idx+1, value)

Some of that logic may be wrong, and this may not be the most efficient approach either. Also, it doesn't take into account multiple row selections.

Hmm, one last thing, if you're using a standard List or Collection this isn't going to go as smoothly. List and Collection on't emit events that the DGV finds useful for databinding. You could 'burp' the databinding every time you change the collection, but a better solution would be for you to use a System.ComponentModel.BindingList. When you change the ordering of the BindingList the DGV should reflect the change automatically.

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