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Hamid_UMB Hamid_UMB - 6 months ago 35
C++ Question

blast could not create a unit counts container

I build a blast local database. However, when I run the blastn command I got this error message:

T0 "/home/coremake/release_build/build/PrepareRelease_Linux64-Centos_JSID_01_250088_130.14.22.10_9008__PrepareRelease_Linux64-Centos_1448906370/c++/compilers/unix/../../src/algo/winmask/seq_masker_istat_factory.cpp", line 170: Error: ncbi::CSeqMaskerIstatFactory::DiscoverStatType() - could not open

T0 "/home/coremake/release_build/build/PrepareRelease_Linux64-Centos_JSID_01_250088_130.14.22.10_9008__PrepareRelease_Linux64-Centos_1448906370/c++/compilers/unix/../../src/algo/winmask/seq_masker_istat_factory.cpp", line 271: Error: ncbi::CSeqMaskerIstatFactory::create() - could not create a unit counts container

I am using this command to create the blast local database:

makeblastdb -in chr23.fa -parse_seqids -dbtype nucl

And this is my command for executing the blastn:

blastn -task megablast -db HumanGenome/blastdb/chr23.fa -window_masker_taxid 9606 -query readBatch.txt -out blastOut.txt

Any help would be really appreciated..thanks


Appears that you need to create the WindowMasker files first:

Specifically, linked content mentioned Step 1: