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How to deploy webapp in azure virtual machine

I am quite new to azure and need a quick pointer to how to host an website in Azure VM. Thanks for your help in advance.

A little background...
We were using a windows server 2012 R2 and were hosting the site in IIS 6. This was an intranet site. Now we are migrating to public cloud so that it is accessible over internet. For this we have acquired an Azure VM (Windows OS). We have installed Visual studio 2013 and SQL server 2012 here. I have installed azure core SDK too.

Here are my questions:

  1. What do I use instead of IIS to host? (Because I am not able to find any related app in azure VM)

  2. Do I need to buy any more licenses for the same?

  3. Should I host it in IIS only and because it is in public cloud, will it be accessible over internet?

Appreciate your help!

Answer Source

Since you have chosen the Infrastructure as a service ( IaaS) route you have to simply replicate the setup that you have on premises.

if IIS component is not there you just have to enable it in windows features.

If you do not want to use IIS you can explore self hosted applications.

Since you have chosen the Windows server VM image and created the VM you do not need to pay for anything additional for windows license.

By default only 2 endpoints( ports) will be open in a Windows VM. 1 for remote desktop and other for powershell remoting. refer this post for enabling endpoints for you hosted applications.

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