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PHP Question

How to get random text from lorem Ipsum in PHP?

I want the random text from Lorem Ipsum so I can use it when generating webpages. I can't find any PHP functions that does this and I'm wondering if there's any publicly available libraries or APIs on sites that could be used to get some random text?


$content = file_get_contents('http://loripsum.net/api');

Docs in the bottom right of this page:

Just do a GET request on loripsum.net/api, to get some placeholder text. You can add extra parameters to specify the output you're going to get. Say, you need 10 short paragraphs with headings, use http://loripsum.net/api/10/short/headers. All of the possible parameters are:

  • (integer) - The number of paragraphs to generate.
  • short, medium, long, verylong - The average length of a paragraph.
  • decorate - Add bold, italic and marked text.
  • link - Add links.
  • ul - Add unordered lists.
  • ol - Add numbered lists.
  • dl - Add description lists.
  • bq - Add blockquotes.
  • code - Add code samples.
  • headers - Add headers.
  • allcaps - Use ALL CAPS.
  • prude - Prude version.
  • plaintext - Return plain text, no HTML.