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iOS 7 UIDatePicker height inconsistency?

I'm running into something weird when using UIDatePicker elements with Storyboards in iOS 7. In the Storyboard, the date picker has a fixed height of 162. In reality, however, the element takes up more space than that. So this


turns into this:


so I have to move everything below it down, guessing and eyeballing how much space the date picker will actually use. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? To be clear, the date picker is totally transparent - can't figure out a way around that. The white background at the top is the main UIView, and the gray background is the background of the UITableView embedded inside the container view.

Answer Source

I can confirm that using UI(Date)Picker in storyboards has a different height (162.0) than in "reality" (216.0). Therefore you have to adjust the space to container view to fit that "real" date picker height or try to solve it using auto-layout.

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