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Xcode- 7: No such file or directory

I keep trying to run my Xcode project (titled "YidKit") and it keeps giving me the following error:

error: /Users/Dani/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/YidKit-exnbjyxkgkbeaedoznkmtoenfijq/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/YidKitTests.xctest: No such file or directory
. I spent several hours online, trying different solutions that I've seen, and nothing has worked. This is driving me crazy, because it is the only error left and I just finished getting rid of about 80 that were caused by Swift 2.0. I appreciate all of the help I can get!

Here is an image of the file in the explorer. The red one is the file that is giving me the error.

File In Explorer

Answer Source

do following two things I might solve your problem.

  1. Product -> Clean and build folder
  2. Go to finder -> library -> Developer -> Xcode -> Derived data delete that folder

or check screen shot may be this is your problem enter image description here

and then check

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