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How do I debug my Siri (Intents) extension?

I'm building a Siri aka Intents extension.
I do understand that I can attach the debugger to a running process after start, however, I never see my process. I do have the authorization for my app set to active and the extension must be running at least for some time, Siri is showing clear responses.

By the Apple documentation, you should run the Extension Scheme with Siri as host app. However, if I try that nothing happens on the device, it's waiting to attach for ever. Apple mentions the first connection can take "several minutes", but not hours ...

Any idea where I'm going wrong or how to achieve a connection to the debugger? Or at least some console output?

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You need to Attach to Process by PID or Name.
Enter the name of you extension before starting the debug, than do as jianpx suggested At least in Xcode 8 beta 4 this will work most times.