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Bash Question

Remove Leading and trailing space in field in awk

I'm trying to remove leading and trailing space in 2nd column of the below


Name, Order  

Trim, working


i have used the below
to remove leading and trailing space in 2nd column but the awk is not working. What am I missing?

awk -F, '{$2=$2};1' input.txt

This gives the output as:

Name, Order  

Trim, working


Leading and trailing spaces are not removed.

Answer Source

If you want to trim all spaces, only in lines that have a comma, and use awk, then the following will work for you:

awk -F, '/,/{gsub(/ /, "", $0); print} ' input.txt

If you only want to remove spaces in the second column, change the expression to

awk -F, '/,/{gsub(/ /, "", $2); print$1","$2} ' input.txt

Note that gsub substitutes the character in // with the second expression, in the variable that is the third parameter - and does so in-place - in other words, when it's done, the $0 (or $2) has been modified.

Full explanation:

-F,            use comma as field separator 
               (so the thing before the first comma is $1, etc)
/,/            operate only on lines with a comma 
               (this means empty lines are skipped)
gsub(a,b,c)    match the regular expression a, replace it with b, 
               and do all this with the contents of c
print$1","$2   print the contents of field 1, a comma, then field 2
input.txt      use input.txt as the source of lines to process

EDIT I want to point out that @BMW's solution is better, as it actually trims only leading and trailing spaces with two successive gsub commands. Whilst giving credit I will give an explanation of how it works.

gsub(/^[ \t]+/,"",$2);    - starting at the beginning (^) replace all (+ = zero or more, greedy)
                             consecutive tabs and spaces with an empty string
gsub(/[ \t]+$/,"",$2)}    - do the same, but now for all space up to the end of string ($)
1                         - ="true". Shorthand for "use default action", which is print $0
                          - that is, print the entire (modified) line
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