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Scala Question

Resolve implicit parameter from super type

Is it possible to resolve an implicit parameter for a type B if an implicit is defined for its super type A?

Here is an example :

I have an Enumerable typeclass :

trait Enumerable[A] {

def name(a: A): String

def list: List[A]

//... other methods

object Enumeration {
def name[A, T >: A](a: A)(implicit ev: Enumerable[T]) = ev.name(a)

def list[T](implicit ev: Enumerable[T]) = ev.list

// ...

Then I define an instance of enumerable :

sealed trait Season

case object Winter extends Season
case object Spring extends Season
case object Summer extends Season
case object Fall extends Season

implicit val seasonEnumerable = new Enumerable[Season] {
override def list: List[Season] = List(Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

// working :
Enumeration.name(Winter: Season) shouldBe "winter"

// faling :
Enumeration.name(Winter) shouldBe "winter"

Enumeration.name(Winter) is failing if I don't tell scalac that Winter is a Season. I've specified that the implicit parameter in the 'name' method signature is a supertype of A, but it's not sufficient...

Is there a better way to do this?

Answer Source

For this case,

def name[A](a: A)(implicit ev: Enumerable[_ >: A]) = ev.name(a)


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